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I like to play Pedal Harp, Celtic Harp, and/or Violin, for Weddings, Memorial Services, Teas, Luncheons, and Sacred Services.

Pedal Harp

Solo WeddingThe Pedal Harp is played like the Celtic Harp, but uses pedals to get “accidentals” in the key signature.  Each of 7 pedals can make one note in the diatonic scale sharp or flat, affecting every octave at once.  This means any string on the harp can be one of three notes, so we have to keep track of which note each string is, at any given time, since it is not always possible to change it exactly when the note is needed!  The modern, or “double-action” Pedal Harp was invented in France, in the 1800s, to accommodate “more chromatic” modern music.

I am continually striving to improve my “proper playing” technique, (for you harpists who might notice such things)!


“Celestial,” by Frank Voltz


“Sunday Afternoon,” by Frank Voltz


“Ave Maria,” by Bach-Gonoud, with Mary Ellen Fitzgerald

This is Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod, performed at Mary Ellen’s beautiful house. I had just come from a job, so I was dressed, but she is in jeans, so she is hiding !”


Fantaisie in A minor, Part 3, Op. 124, by Saint Saens

Saint Saens Fantaisie for Violin and Harp in A minor, Op. 124
Part 3, (excerpt), 2nd half.
Ann Marie Goodwin on Violin, Joy Vargo on Harp

The 3 glissandos at the end were the hardest part for the harp, because of all the fast pedal-changes in between them, to get the different chords! (@ Minute 2:40 of this video)


Intermezzo by Mascagni, at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach

The famous part of this piece starts after the intro, around minute 0:40 of this video.

I heard someone playing this at a Harp Conference, and couldn’t wait to learn it. I love Daniel Burton’s arrangement.

(I still need to learn how to fade in/out using  my video editing software!)  7/2015


I just made an UPDATED AUDIO of “HERE COMES THE BRIDE,” for a July 29, 2015 Wedding:  I added a lot of arpeggios, and like it better now, than the video below:

“Here Comes the Bride” at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach

A Christmas Party

A Christmas Party

Celtic Harp

Joy and Jessica,     Harp and ViolinThe Celtic harp will accommodate most of the pieces I usually play, and is much easier to transport than the Pedal Harp.  Celtic, or “Lever” harps make accidentals on individual strings using the left hand to flip levers.  Celtic Harps are many centuries older than Pedal Harps, and were traditionally shown on the back of Irish coins.


Below is an AUDIO of a Harp Solo version of the Mendelssohn, which was played in the above video as a harp/violin duet. (Practicing for a 7/29/2015 Wedding.)



1591799Radoni-GiannaI like to play my Marcelo Radoni Violin, pictured here.  It has a nice, soft, mellow sound!

 Click here to see a violin maker talking about my violin.

The 3 Audio Files Below are pieces with me on Violin, and Becky Grove on Piano:


Panis Angelicus by Franck


Meditation by Thais


Sheep May Safely Graze by Bach

Below is an audio of a Christmas Quartet, in which I was playing Violin, (I just added pretty images to go along with the music).